Hip-Hop, Pop and Lock

I am a thirty-something ok, a forty-something mother of two, living in Palo Alto working part-time in high-tech.  So how did I end up here, in front of CJ’s class about to do a hip hop class?

The reason I’m here, is because of that.  For the next hour, I’m going to forget that I am a responsible mother that spent my Friday night walking the dog and getting the ants out of the kitchen.  Today I’m going to do something different from my usual workout.  Yes, today I am going to let loose and boogie down!! (that is hip-hop language, right?)

CJ is the ultimate hip hop instructor–Totally cool and confident, with a backwards baseball cap and bulging biceps.  I guess bulging biceps aren’t required for dance, but I’m ok with it.  I thought a hip-hopster type would yell and avoid eye contact, but instead CJ smiles (never laughs at you) and is quite encouraging.

He starts off with a warm-up and breaks down dance moves for us, demonstrating first.  The footwork is not difficult, and I notice that the others in the class are also having fun and able to keep up.  What I think is challenging is the movement of the hips (dare I say gyrations) and upper body. “Show your attitude!”  CJ calls out.  “Get sexy!”  He gives good advice such as keeping our arms up like a boxer and leading with our elbow as we turn.  We learn how to moonwalk and do running man moves.

Next CJ puts all the dance moves together in a routine which we learn section by section.  “Good luck!” CJ says with a grin when we start the routine from the top.  MC Hammer and Tupac, if you could see me now!

Later at home, I show my daughter (who’s been taking dance class for the last 7 yrs) what I’ve learned.  “No offense mom, but your style is not that good.” She says a-matter-of-factly.   Yea maybe, but a mom can dream!

Interested in taking hip-hop? Join CJ’s 6 wk dance series starting Tues April 19, 6-7:30pm.  Details: 

What: Series hip hop dance class 30 minutes technique, 60 minutes dance

Who: CJ is a fabulous professional dancer who danced on Broadway!

When: 6 classes starting Tuesday April 19 – May 24th 

Why: Learn all the moves and perform 2 dances for your friends and family at the wrap up party!

Cost: $180 for 6, 1.5 hour classes.  If you only want to dance, it is $150 for the 6, 1 hour classes (no 30 minute technique).

Extras: Playlists so you can practice all week long!

Advanced signup is required, be sure to tell your friends and reserve your spot by emailing Sarah, sarah@uforiastudios.com