Hi my name is…

Sarah Lux and my husband Robert and I are the owners of Uforia Studios.

We’re both Silicon Valley professionals and competitive athletes (in a former life). We’ve been working on our fitness concept for the past 3+ years and through speaking to many of the best instructors in the industry, hundreds of fitness goers, athletes, mothers, workaholics, and even the odd celebrity we’ve arrived at our concept: the best and hottest fitness classes under one roof.

Now, It’s been really tough at times, juggling a full time job and a fledgling startup. It’s tough when people don’t take you seriously, or tell you you’re wasting your time and money, ask you why you’d ever leave a good career to do something so risky, tell you that no one will ever lease you a space in Palo Alto, that you’re going to fail. I’ve found myself awake in the middle of the night many times wondering if I was crazy, if this was all just a waste of time. But, for every naysayer in this process there’s been a dozen voices of encouragement. They’ve pushed this company and me along with it to where we are today: 6 weeks from opening with a great team and hundreds of enthusiastic supporters. To them: thank you!

Anyways, enough of that, back to Uforia. It’s a completely new concept in group fitness. We will be offering a wide variety of classes including studio cycling (uCycle), sculpting and weight training (uDefine), bar work (BarBlend), yoga (uCY) and dance (Zumba and Hip Hop) all taught by the best instructors in the industry. There’s no membership required, you just drop in to any of our 50+ weekly classes and get a great workout with a great instructor.

We can’t wait to share our concept, instructors and classes with our neighbors.