Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from the entire uforia family!

We LOVE seeing mother-daughter (or mother-son!) workout dates at uforia. Sweating it out together is such a fun and healthy way to hang out…plus, it’s just so darn cute! In honor of this very special occasion, we are highlighting some of the wonderful moms of uforia and their equally awesome offspring. Get ready to feel your heart melt.


IMG_4218Barbara, Sabine, and Caroline

Thanks to Sabine’s smiling face behind the Concierge desk and Barbara’s incredible attendance record (and enthusiasm!) in GRIT and Revolutions, you’re sure to recognize this adorable duo. Although she’s currently away at school and therefore not in the studio as much as we’d like to see her, Caroline actually discovered uforia and brought her mom and sister along with her. The rest is history!


What do you love about embracing the sweat at uforia together?

Barbara: uforia already is like one big family, so it feels so natural to be able to workout here with both of my daughters. When we’re in class together, the instructors always notice and give us a shout-out, which is wonderful! I have Caroline to thank for finding uforia and encouraging me to come to my first class.  I love being able to see Sabine not only in class, but smiling behind the concierge’s desk at me or offering chilled blueberries and towels after class.

Sabine: Our mother daughter dynamic comes out when we tease each other or when she chases me up the underground stairs. Taking class with her is the best because I get to see a whole new side of her. I love watching her determination in GRIT and seeing her rock out in Revolutions. She inspires me! It doesn’t happen very often, but the all-time best is when my mom, my sister, and I all take class together–it’s so fun!

Favorite uforia experience together?

Once during Revolutions,  Alissa played “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls (which is one of “our songs”). We were seated across the room from one another but we still freaked out and sang it to each other, gesturing wildly. Moments like that are the best!

What do you admire about your mom?

Sabine: My mom has a truly admirable workout ethos. She exercises because she wants to be strong and healthy. She uses fitness as a way to burn through stress and really cherishes each minute she has in class. For her, exercising is a gift she give herself and I find that so inspiring! It challenges me to have a better fitness mentality and to appreciate each minute of my uforia workouts!


jernick ladies

Clair, Helene, and Eugenia

As you might guess from their picture, these ladies know how to have fun! Clair is a staple of the morning crew, and we’re thrilled that she decided to share the uforia love with her family.

What do you love about embracing the sweat together?

Clair: I love to be physically challenged and I love being with my children, so it’s the perfect combination! We have shared many laughs over the tortuous repetitions, red balls, bands and sliders in GRIT.

Helene: There is nothing better than to be doing an awkward or a seemingly physically impossible movement or pose in GRIT and to look to your side and see your mom or sister doing the same thing and to be able to laugh about it. Same thing goes for reacting to Matt’s antics and fabulous playlist during Friday evening Revolutions!

Favorite uforia experience together?

Clair: Introducing my daughters to uforia has been wonderful, because uforia is much more than just a place to take a class – it’s a community. There was one time over Christmas vacation that my daughters, my two sons, my son’s girlfriend, and I all went to class together. It was one of the most fun parts of the holiday season!

Eugenia: The first time I ever went to a uforia class, I attended GRIT with my sister and mom. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was glad they were there to help me push through it!

Helene: Ditto ditto ditto.

What do you admire about your mom?

Eugenia: My mom is very driven and works hard on whatever task she is given. She also always pushes me to be the best person I can be and I love her for that!

Helene: I agree with everything Eugenia said (she has an insane amount of energy!). You want something accomplished? She’ll be that person to get it done and nine times out of ten she will have made a new friend along the way. I would say that I aspire to have her skills in observation and mindful analysis. Oh, and she is also a good cook!


Johanna and Sharissa

johanna and sharissaThese beautiful blonde ladies really know how to shake it on the dance floor! Look for them in the front row at Zumba or Hip Hop.

What do you love about embracing the sweat together?

Johanna:Many of the uforia Rockstar teachers are not only extremely professional and energetic; they are also inspirational individuals and as such, great role models for my daughter. Understanding what it takes to motivate a diverse group of people and get them to give their all (with a smile on their face) is an admirable skill.  Additionally, for a teenager, it is wonderful to see how uforia brings a diverse set of people together around a healthy and positive lifestyle choice.

Sharissa:  Physical activity is so important and it’s awesome that I can share that with my mom and do something that’s fun and great for your body!

Favorite uforia experience together?

Johanna: Lee’s Friday hip hop class is my favorite workout with Sharissa. It is a “dance party” we both truly enjoy. What an amazing opportunity to go dancing with my teenage daughter on a Friday night! Outside of the actual workouts, my favorite moments are when Sharissa comes to pick me up from Matt’s Bliss class, just to be able to briefly greet him with a hug 🙂 Matt is such an inspiration to both of us!

Sharissa: I love going to hip hop with my mom, it’s so fun getting down and funky and sneaking a peak at her through the mirror and smiling during the class. Along with hip hop I also really like bliss because we can just relax and unwind together, and she’s usually really happy after class so it’s a great time to ask her for things…haha.

What do you admire about your mom?

Sharissa: I think it’s great that my mom is so interested in staying fit! I admire her drive and positive attitude while she’s in classes. If she doesn’t get a portion of choreo she just goes with the flow and then ends up picking it up great!