GRIT-ing to Bare it!

Summer is here and so are the super cute clothes that go with the Palo Alto heat. More exposed flesh equals body parts you wish you had started working on in January. What can possibly remedy the winter coating you applied during the holidays?


What is it?

A mixture of cardio and weight training where results start to show. Experts say that cardio alone is not cutting the fat. The fastest body part to tone? Arms. Yes, those upper appendages now being shown off with strappy summer dresses and tank tops. GRIT is a full body workout. It can be high or low impact, but get ready to sweat to some great music.

Weights…I’m not into looking ‘bulky’

I get it – I was in the strange school of thought that more weight was the answer. I came to uforia from a bootcamp that celebrated the bigger weights. I was using 15lbs during one hour sessions. I had large arms – not much tone, but definite bulk. Now, I use 5lbs and have better arms for it. Less stress on my joints and more repetitions gave me a pair that I have no fear of showing. (Well, except for that unfortunate farmer tan incident.)

I hear its hard.

It is as hard as you are willing to push yourself. All of the instructors have their own flair and pacing. I have taken each teachers class and have come out covered in sweat. Talk to Client Services (me) or a Conceirge to decide which instructor will work best for your needs.

Is every class the same?

No. While all GRIT instructors are trained by uforia Master Teachers, each have their own style. Some have more dance moves, some have kickboxing, some have more floor work, some are very fast-paced but all guarantee to work the whole body and get your heart rate up. Plus, each month there is a new ‘toy’ – straps, gliders, boxes, balls, bands etc – to push you to a new limit.

So what’s stopping you from GRIT-ing to bare it?

After over eight months at uforia, Im pretty sure I have most of it down – including some pounds (!) and inhibitions of wearing a tank top. It took some time and serious commiting to the classes that made all the difference. Turns out there is a magic pill for fitness, but its on a time-release and uforia make it easier.

Brandee Clark, uforia relations.

Feel free to contact Brandee with any questions you have about the studio, teachers or classes,