Give Yourself A Break!

Freshly returned from his fabulous Maui vacation, triple-threat Rockstar (Zumba, bliss, and Revolutions!) Matt tells us why taking a break is great for the body and soul. 

We all work hard. I mean really hard. We spend our days working, working out (and for some of us, working out is our job), and juggling a laundry list of chores and obligations. With all of the stress that we put on ourselves both mentally and physically on a daily basis, it’s important to rest and recharge when we can. I’m here to remind you that taking some time off – from your workout routine, your email account, and/or your normal healthy eating patterns – is not only acceptable, but something to be relished and celebrated!
Matt in MauiI recently went on a family vacation to Maui for 10 days!!! It was spectacular. Besides some swimming and playing in the ocean, I forced myself to really slow down and rest my body. No trips to the gym, plus plenty of yummy meals and beach-y cocktails. It was exactly what I needed. I believe rest, relaxation, and indulgence are exactly the elements one needs to embrace when taking a vacation.


Now, let’s be clear: this was a vacation, not a work trip. Fellow Rockstar Lauren wrote this week about how she stays healthy and active while she is traveling for business. And I couldn’t agree more with what that gorgeous woman said. When you have to be on the road frequently for work, it’s great to develop strategies to help you stay on track even when your typical routine is disrupted. But vacation is different!


matt pancakesAs I sat on the beach and sipped a frosty beverage, I gave my body a chance to just be relaxed. And, even more importantly, I allowed my mind to relax. In my non-vacation life, I’m always thinking about a million things at once, as are all of our other amazing uforia Rockstars. We’re constantly thinking about our music, our choreo, how to motivate the uforians in our classes, etc. I’m certainly not complaining, since I love what I do and I love the whole uforia family. But it’s important for us Rockstars to take time to rest, and it’s just as important that you do the same. You deserve the chance to recharge your soul! I did, I’m back, and I’m ready for action!


So next time you go on vacation, really try to slow yourself down. Lay on the beach, sit on your butt and indulge in some delicious food and drink. Don’t feel guilty. You deserve it! You need it. Even if you don’t have a Hawaiian getaway in your immediate future, give yourself those precious moments – staycations count too!


Your uforia family and all of your favorite Rockstars (including me, obviously!) will be here to help you get back into your routine when you get back!