Get To Know the Defy Yoga Team

If you’re a Defy Yoga regular, you know that uforia’s spin on yoga has undergone a bit of a makeover. If you still haven’t tried the newest class on our schedule, there has never been a better time to get your stretch on!

Defy Yoga seeks to create more awareness and openness in the body and mind. Our heated yoga is taught Vinyasa-style with elements of core-strength, balance, and stretching. Deep, beautiful, and inspiring music will help guide you out of chaos into alignment, and out of stress into serenity. All levels welcome.

Defy Yoga is now offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 7:35pm, so come join Katie and Amy for the perfect end to your busy day. You deserve it.




Born in Denver but raised right here in the Bay Area, Amy brings an incredible energy to the studio and is always ready to greet you with a hug and a beaming smile. When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga, you’ll find her at concerts, behind a camera lens, or hitting the road to explore new places.


What do you love about teaching Defy Yoga?: 

Defy is extremely is super approachable, inspirational and introduces a holistic perspective about the human experience. Our core values are based in experimentation, not performance or perfection. It’s about making falling fun and not embarrassing. It’s also about acceptance, gratitude and vulnerability in order to produce inner/outer evolution and transformation. I teach yoga to help others help themselves…seeing people’s lives change after practicing is so fulfilling.

What makes uforia special?: 

The excitement of the clients is amazing, and the space is unbeatable – I love that it’s in an old church!

Fun Fact: 

I’m a Christmas baby!


Katie joins us from Fremont and is a woman with a sense of adventure!  She loves being outdoors and is currently learning to do yoga on a paddleboard. Now that takes skill! She brings warmth and joy to the mat in every Defy class. Katie is also joining the GRIT team, so look forward to more chances to embrace the sweat with her.


What do you love about teaching Defy Yoga?: 

I enjoy meeting people who are new to yoga, as well as those who are getting back into it. It’s great seeing them grow in their practice. Defy is a hybrid class so it’s never the same routine – folks come with an open mind and that’s fun!

What makes uforia special?: 

My favorite thing about uforia is the ENERGY! Whether people are heading into class in the Underground, leaving a Hip Hop party, or getting ready to hit the mats in Defy, everyone is full of energy and there is a buzz in their footsteps that I just love. uforia is such a fun place to teach and take classes!

Fun Fact: 

My first concert was a Hanson concert. I was 9 and was convinced that I would marry the drummer, Zack! Mmmbop!