Get to Know Our Newest Master Teacher, Shane

We’ve been lucky to have Shane as part of the uforia family for over two years – a  2012 Valentine’s ride with his wife, Jenn, was his first visit to the studio. He’s been rocking the Underground with his eclectic music and smooth moves as a Revolutions Rockstar for well over a year, but last month we were thrilled to announce that Shane is our newest Master Teacher. You can look forward to seeing him around the studio a lot more, both in the Underground and upstairs. Read on to learn more about Shane, and be sure to introduce yourself if you haven’t met him yet!
Shane CroppedRemind us, what do you do when you aren’t at uforia?
Outside of uforia, my job and life are pretty nerdy. I am huge into tech and will frequently play board games with friends. I work in Palo Alto at a mid-size enterprise software company as a product manager leading our mobile engineering teams. My wife Jenn and I are also big foodies, so we enjoy trying new restaurants and embarking on our own culinary adventures in the kitchen. Also, chocolate. I really love good dark chocolate. If you ever want to nerd out about chocolate, come find me – I’m your guy!
Why do you love teaching Revolutions?
I love everything about Revolutions, which is why you will always see me in so many other teachers’ classes. As a teacher though I feel as though I can really shape the experience. Revolutions has the power to turn a bad day around or make a good day awesome. I love being the one to help the community be happier and healthier.
How is your class different than other classes? Tell us about your 60-min class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.
My class is always extremely music driven and I am constantly looking for new music that moves me and will move the class. With my music set I am always finding ways to make the class as fun and as hard as possible. My new 60-min class focuses on a particular theme and will get harder every week of the month before moving onto a new focus or skill the next month. As with any workout the hardest most difficult part should be the last 15 minutes. And with another 15 minutes of Rev, I can see the revolutionaries getting stronger every week. It is an awesome way to mix up your usual schedule and ask your body to do that extra little bit more.
Sounds like an awesome challenge! So, what will you be doing as a Master Teacher?
As a master teacher, I will be shaping and defining the Revolutions program for the future. This includes taking a lot of classes whenever possible to provide feedback (and have fun!) and to help train new Rockstars! I will also be working with Rockstars in other classes like GRIT and bliss to see how the Revolutions music, choreo, and culture can translate to improving those formats.
Can’t wait to see you around the studio more. What are your goals for 2014, both at uforia and personally?
As a new Master Teacher I want to work as much as possible with our team to ensure every Rockstar finds their voice and has a unique class feel. I think it is important that we each have our own style so uforians can mix up their workouts and find variety to spice things up.
I also have personal goals around eating healthy and consistently cross training between Rev, stretching (bliss), strength (GRIT), and running. Also, as the least flexible Rockstar, it sure would be nice if I could touch my toes 😛
Thanks, Shane! We’re so excited about your expanded role in the uforia community. And we can’t wait to see you touch your toes at the end of this year!