Get #BacktoCool with Megan!

It’s time to get #BacktoCool.

As September rolls in, we’re looking for new ways to sweat, feel healthy, and up our “cool” factor by trying new things. But #BacktoCool is about more than just fitness. It’s about getting centered and finding a Fall routine that feels good. Whether it’s rituals you do each morning to ground yourself or prioritizing the things you do for YOU to stay sane, #BacktoCool starts with a love-yourself-mindset and time set aside for staying healthy & happy.

real headshotRevolutions Rockstar Megan tells us how she’s getting #BacktoCool this September:

Moving to San Francisco this summer has been quite the adjustment!  Between longer work hours and summers not being quite as bright and cheery as my San Diego days, it can be hard to stay motivated. I’m super excited for some sunshine to come in September and October (at least thats what I keep hearing) so I can get out and explore more of the city and its surrounding areas!

Because we’re still holding on to summer a little while longer in our hearts, do you have any favorite memories?

This summer was incredible so it’s hard to choose my favorite memory!  I went on a ton of weekend camping trips, day trips to Healdsburg and hikes sprinkled in between.  But I have to say my favorite memory from this summer was heading home to New York for an extended weekend for a little family reunion. There is nothing better than summer on Long Island!

Wow, that sounds amazing. As you settle into Fall, what are 3 things you’ll do to stay sane? 

  1. Surf as much as I can. I used to surf all the time in San Diego and it’s something I’ve really been missing.  Every time I get out of the water I feel like a new woman.
  2. Catch the sunset with my pup, Kona
  3. Listen to and scout out new music
And as a #4, even tough it’s obvious: teach Rev of course! I attest the majority of my happiness to the energy the uforia community shares every time we come together for a class.

We <3 uforians too! Are there any good habits you’re trying to make part of your routine?

I’m a little bit of a holistic freak and have been trying to make hot lemon water and oil pulling a thing….for years.  (p.s. if you haven’t heard of oil pulling it’s like a natural mouthwash typically using coconut oil, sunflower oil, or sesame oil. Google it!) Oh, and not checking my phone in the morning!  It’s so easy to jump into the craziness of work and the social scene so I’m really trying to make ‘unplugged mornings’ a thing in my every day 🙂

Also, I have not had coffee for the past month or so!  I’m not sure if that’s something I should be proud of but sometimes it feels like a miracle that I’m surviving on tea.

No coffee!? That’s a serious feat! Here at uforia, we believe getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new makes you a total badass.  As part of #backtocool, we’re challenging everyone to try new classes.

As a Revolutions Rockstar, is there any advice you’d give to someone who wants to try Rev for the first time?

Just have fun! Don’t worry if you miss a beat or two or all of them. Give yourself credit for signing up, showing up and giving it a try!

Thank you Megan! For more of Megan, find her on the Nob Hill schedule!