Your First Sweat is On Us

Get Your First Workout Free

That’s right—try our loud, sweaty, fun workout for free. Find out for yourself why the Bay area slays with us. In a nutshell, people come to uforia because we have:

  • The best workouts to the best beats with the best instructors
  • High energy environment where you leave sweatin’ and smilin’
  • Results powered by joy

We are on a mission to create a community that brings joy with every heart pounding beat and drop of sweat. The tough part: choose what kind of workout you want to test drive.

How Will You Sweat?


Define yourself.
A perfect blend of conditioning and cardio. Don’t focus on the reps, let the beat of the music move you through class. Build long and lean muscles!


Dance inspired party on a bike.
Think dance class meets music inspired cycling. It’s 45 minutes of rolling it out, grooving, and embracing the sweat on a bike!

Hip Hop

No experience necessary for this music fuelled dance fitness class.
Get ready for amazing high-cardio choreo taught by some of the best in the business. Don’t worry about having dance experience, this class is open to all levels.

First Time uforian Checklist

Bring Water
Get Ready to Have Fun
Come Early
Meet New Friends