fallinlove moments captured: Jazon’s Sassy Hair Flip

Life imitates Art?  Art imitates Life? Either way, nothing’s better than those moments when T-Swift lyrics + real life align in a sassy hair flip.

Check out Lilliana’s #fallinlove Moment:

unnamedTo the fella over there with the hella good hair” — the moment I witnessed Jazon’s sassy hair flip while grooving to Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off, I fell in love with uforia. As an LA transplant, I was looking for dance classes that offered the same level of expert choreography and style that is prevalent throughout the star-studded streets of Los Angeles. Through classes like Hip Hop Club with live DJs and sultry Fuego, uforia offers everything I was searching for in a dance studio and more. It provides a positive community of new and old dancers alike committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, Uforia! xoxo, Lilliana