#fallinlove moments captured: An Ode to Jumping Lunges

Do you love jumping lunges? We’re not sure if we’re fully ready to say “I Love You Forever & always” but there’s something to be said for that moment when “hate” becomes “tolerate” or maybe even “I guess they’re ok..” Cheers to crossing new physical  frontiers!

Check out Amy’s #fallinlove moment and read all about her burgeoning romance with the jumping lunge: unnamed

There was a moment in GRIT last week where – all of a sudden – jumping lunges felt easy. “Whaaaat?!” I thought to myself, as I continued to switch legs, “I hate jumping lunges!”It was then that I realized that weeks of doing them consistently, paired with a rekindled love for indoor cycling had left me even stronger and more agile than before: all of a sudden, that thing I hated felt good to do! In love with jumping lunges? That remains to be seen. But in love with uforia (and how it builds stronger, better, faster bodies), absolutely.

xoxo, Amy