#fallinlove Moments Captured!

As we wrap up Fall in Love Month, we’ve been reflecting on how lucky we are to have so many amazing uforians. You inspire us everyday with your smiles, #embracethesweat attitude, & willingness to push yourself to new heights!

  wall sitsHere are a few more #fallinlove moments to keep us all inspired:

“I knew I was falling in love with uforia when I caught myself getting excited for my 6 am GRIT class the next morning. Never have I ever been so excited to wake up that early! Oh, and when I started noticing definition in my arms, that didn’t hurt either!” xoxo, Allison 

IMG_7327” When I Realize my heart rate can be as high as running and I don’t ever have to run again!!” xoxo, Dorna


“My ‘fall in love’ moment with uforia was when you’d least expect it: on a Monday morning at 6am. Yup, what could be worse than a Monday morning… perhaps having to crawl out of your warm bed to go work out on top of it. That’s how I used to feel until I discovered Jess’ 6am Revolutions class. Jess’ positive energy and dance-inspired playlists always make me feel like I’m starting my day and week off right. I may start the class yawning still, but by the end of the first song my heart is pumping and I’m feeling myself, feeling myself! uforia is the reason I’m excited to get out of bed on a Monday morning now… I imagine we all could use the help. ” xoxo, Martha Chang (Not a Morning Person)