COMING SOON! uforia Studios NEW SF location!

That’s right! The title says it all! Our team at uforia Studios is SO excited to announce that we are opening our 3rd studio location in SF! We are now expanding to a brand new neighborhood and we can’t wait for you to join us!


I can bet you’re wondering what neighborhood our brand new location is opening in– am I right? .

…Drumroll please…

Our new studio location will be located in the heart of the Mission on Mission St! The new studio is set to open on New Years Day, January 1st. It’s perfect timing for all of those New Years Resolutions and an awesome beginning for 2019.

For those of us who frequent the Nob Hill studio, it’s known that we have the neighborhood on lock. Some clients live in the neighborhood close by, or perhaps work in the FiDi and take classes before/after work. Whatever your reason is for visting us, it’s safe to say we can get comfortable in our little Nob Hill bubble. We know where all the best coffee, restaurants and quick bites are for some pre or post class fuel, or maybe even know all the secrets to snagging the best parking spot. Branching out isn’t something we do as often as we’d like. Can you tell I’m speaking from experience here?

Well, I got you! I got to catch up with our Rockstars and get their take on the new ‘hood and find out all the new spots they will be frequenting when we open our Mission St. doors.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Revolution Cafe 

Sometimes a little caffeine is necessary whether you’re fueling up for a workout or want to sit and enjoy a beverage after class. This cute cafe and coffee shop has a European feel with outdoor seating, and a classy old-world feel of their ambiance. It’s the perfect recipe for having a great time is to chill out, order a coffee (or beer and wine– they sell that too!), sit down, listen to some live music or watch the fun happening outside. It’s a great place to be a part of the scene! Our Mission St. Studio manager, McKenzie Brill claims that it’s her favorite in the neighborhood, which speaks volumes since there are so many options!

Dandelion Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? No? Doesn’t matter, you’ll still love this place.  I know this isn’t the “healthiest” of options, but we believe that when it comes to our fitness regimen, balance is key! A personal favorite of Revolutions instructor, Julia Cabral, she claims its the best place in the ‘hood for a sweet treat. They even offer tours and classes in chocolate making, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for something new to do! The store itself is beautiful, and it’s hard to miss the smell of chocolate as it wafts into the street. I would also like to mention that they are known to offer free marshmallows. Yes, that’s correct. Free. Marshmallows. Thank me later!


El Techo 

We come here for the views! And the margs. But mostly the views! El Techo is one of the only rooftop establishments in the Mission, and it’s the best way to enjoy a beautiful SF day. Revolutions instructor, Melisa Olgun claims it as her favorite, and swears by chips and guac as her favorite guilty pleasure. They also have a Happy Hour Monday-Friday, 4-6pm, so it’s the perfect excuse to rush over after taking a 4:30 PM class at the studio!

Clarion Alley 

Want to step up your selfie game? This side-street in SF is covered in murals painted by local artists– not only is it a must-see in the Mission, but it’s the perfect place for a photo op! Hip-Hop Rockstar Olivia Cheng claims it as her favorite place for an impromptu photo shoot. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s post-class “Sweaty Selfies” here, and don’t forget to tag @uforiastudios on Instagram!



There’s a reason why this place ALWAYS has a line down the street. It really is that good. It’s the busiest on the weekends, so if you can stop by on a weekday day when you’re “working from home”. That’s always a safe option to avoid the lines. Revolutions Rockstar Melisa Olgun recommends the bread pudding since the fruit they select for the filling is always what’s in season.

I’d say that’s a pretty healthy start for suggestions to explore the new ‘hood. We can’t wait to get sweaty with you in the Mission!