Celebrate Your Birthday at Uforia!

Did you know that uforia hosts birthday parties, as well as bachelorette parties, company bonding events, and more? What could be better than celebrating by embracing the sweat with all of your friends in a fun, high energy class! Plus, you know that uforia knows how to party – we’re happy to arrange for drinks and snacks after you work up an appetite. 

We were lucky to celebrate Lisa Himmel’s birthday this past weekend. Here’s what she had to say about celebrating with her uforia family: 

Lisa birthdayI am admittedly a sucker for birthdays and find myself anxiously awaiting my own every year.  It’s not so much the attention that I like, but more so,  the gathering of great friends, with good food and some celebratory activity. This year marks a birthday milestone for me: I turned thirty and quite honestly could not have been more ready to leave my 20’s behind.  I realize that I have somehow managed to maintain a youthful exterior, basically since high school. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a reaction of shock to my age, such as “but you look sooooo young” then I’d be the richest preschool teacher in the peninsula. I don’t have a special secret, but genetics and my love and devotion to fitness are certainly key factors.

Fitness plays a pivotal role in my life and I incorporate some form of it in every day, especially if it involves a class at uforia. You have probably seen me week nights, revving it out on my favorite bike (yes I have a chosen front-row spot) and I love sharing my passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude with other clients.  Thus, when the opportunity came up to celebrate my  birthday with uforia, I couldn’t think of a place I’d rather be!

lisa birthday 2Alissia’s themed Revolutions class was perfect and exactly what I had envisioned. I was in heaven rocking out to 80s mash-ups – a nice homage to my birth year, 1984. After class, we celebrated with mimosas and muffins!

Since I was lucky to have the day off on my birthday, I also took Lissy’s amazing GRIT class and couldn’t resist going three for thirty by topping the day off with Erin’s Revolutions that evening – one class for each decade of my life!

All of the Rockstars made me feel so special and I loved celebrating with my uforia family.



 We want to celebrate your special day! Be sure to let the Concierge know when your birthday is coming up so that we can show you some birthday love. If you’re really ready to party, email michelle@uforiastudios.com to build your own custom celebration.