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Membership Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your uforia Membership monthly subscription by emailing You need to send your cancelation request by no later than 5 days before your renewal date. After cancelling your membership, you WILL NOT have access to any remaining classes on your membership. Your classes will expire automatically expire upon termination.  

But wait! Before you cancel, is there anything we can do to make your membership work better for you?

Did you know you can suspend?

Membership suspension: In lieu of cancellation, you can suspend your membership at any time, just note that it will take our team up to five days to process the suspension\. You will be charged a $15 suspension fee each month, and your account will remain active with one available class credit per month.

For short term suspensions, you can suspend your membership for up to two months with no suspension fee. Your account will be deactivated during the suspension.

Request a suspension here.

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