Can do, Endue; Behind the Scenes

I signed the waiver. The first thing that threw me off was that Bruce was smiling. Was this a mistake? Did I just sign off my life to the person that tells me twice a week to ‘Recover on the Hill?’

This was uforia’s first outdoor ride series class and we were all training for the Endue Classic, a special charity for kids and adults with developmental disabilities like Down’s Syndrome and Autism, a cuase near and dear to one of our uCycle instructors, Bruce Cala. With varying levels of skill, Bruce took us on a variety of ride and road challenges in Woodside to Los Altos.

Yes, I did. And Im grateful. Besides kicking my butt, I learned some great tactics. Bruce is like Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. I thought he was crazy during class telling us things like recover on the hill, heels down and shoulders relaxed. Up until the training, I was having wax on, wax off moments thinking this was futile. During the training, it all clicked. Recovering on a hill is the easiest (and smartest) option when climbing. Heels down saves your knees. Relaxed shoulders keeps fatigue at bay when in the saddle for an extended period of time. Until I was in the situation, I had no idea how all this would make me a better rider.

Until the series of training classes, I really wasn’t even sure I could complete the 30K. I mean, I did ok in class, but that bike was stationary and only an hour. We trained for more than two hours every other Sunday. By the end, I knew the course and knew I could efficiently tackle each part and finished the 100K with 3000 ft of climbing!

Another part of the series that I didn’t expect was the comradery. We all committed and were in this together. We all suited up and climbed hills, dodged double strollers, and shared water. Very much like a special club where everyone wants to see you succeed.

While you may see me tackling the outdoor world on the weekends, I’m studio bound for now. Thanks for the series class and training Bruce!

Brandee Clark, uforia relations.

Feel free to contact Brandee with any questions you have about the studio, teachers or classes,