Burn It to Earn It – Vacation Strategy

I (was) of the mindset that when a vacation starts the food consumed during travel to main destination – doesn’t count. This is especially true for road trips and airports. (They can’t charge that much for real food.. WITH actual calories, right?)

So with this in mind there should be little wonder why I return with a few extra pounds. Fortunately, yoga pants are forgiving while the scale plays bad cop. Knowing I needed to keep my streak, I decided to forgo my vacation travel food rule and actually seek ways to get a workout at Donner/Tahoe, so many miles from uforia. But, but… the food is one of the great parts of vacation!

I hear ya – Great thing about vacation is the cool stuff you get to do – that already adds a negative calorie count. You walk places, see sights… skip the fudge shop. We brought our bikes, so that factored in to the fun – until I saw the Donner Pass climb. But, that canceled out the Burger Me Bacon Avo Blue – stay with me…

I started figuring out activities and food. Burn it to Earn it. Climb Donner, get burger.

Kayak for two hours, get sweet potato fries with (minor) amounts of chipotle mayo/bbq sauce.

Hike the train tracks and explore the cool graffiti in the tunnels, get strawberry lemonade.

Couple laps in the lake, chase a few kids around, push/pull trikes, lift kids, tickle fights, hide from kids… all worthy actions for Burn It to Earn It.

Walk the two miles around Serene Lake, suck it up and drink water… I was pushing my luck with the burger and fries. But, I think you are getting my point. ENJOY your time, but figure in activities to fully enjoy the food.

For some easy fitness – get your heart rate going for five minutes. Actively rest with body weight movements, i.e. squats, pushups, sit ups, lunges for five minutes. Alternate cardio and body weight for 30 minutes. Make the last cardio a challenge – burpees! If you want to do more, Go for it, but this should keep you going until you come back. Stretch after and remember to drink water throughout the day.

You been working hard at uforia to look and feel great during vacation. Try to even out the intake with activities and you will enjoy yourself more. Also less stress on returning – maybe get in an extra Grit class to make sure.

Brandee Clark, uforia relations.

Feel free to contact Brandee with any questions you have about the studio, teachers or classes, uforiarelations@uforiastudios.com.