Brooke Coutre

Please meet Brooke Coutre, she’s an amazing concierge at uforia and we’re so lucky to have her be our charity representative for our Embrace the Sweat competition starting on June 19th!

How did you find uforia?

I rediscovered uforia after moving to the neighborhood. A friend brought me to a Revolutions class and I was immediately hooked.

What classes do you love?

Revolutions and Grit

How has uforia impacted your life?

First, I came for the classes and enjoyed the music and good workout. Then I started to work at the studio, which allowed me to get to know the great instructors and wider uforia community, which keeps me coming back.

How did you find out about your Type 1 diabetes and how does this affect you day-to-day?

About 3 years a go, I was experiencing typical symptoms of type 1 like extreme thirst, sudden weight loss, and fatigue. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness has been a major change in my life as my blood sugar is impacted by my sleep, stress, what I eat, and exercise. However, it taught me to care for my health, advocate for myself, and wear my devices (CGM and Insulin Pump) proudly. Oh, and to carry low blood sugar “snacks” with me at all times.
uforia was the first gym/studio that I joined post-diagnosis + pandemic and I always felt comfortable doing my workout while monitoring my blood sugar, leaving the room if my blood sugar was dropping to take care of myself.
Community is important and uforia is that. A place to destress, to get a workout in, to dance without a care; whatever it may be. And while uforia is a part of my world, the charity we are supporting this week is also dear to me because when my world changed as a new T1D, I found a community via JDRF that has been a support for the last couple of years.