Bet You Didn’t Know…

As we get Back to Cool this September, we’re digging into our Rockstar’s daily routines to learn how they stay happy, fit, and oh so cool. In our investigating we uncovered juicy new details about our awesome Rockstars. We’re finding more & more reasons to idolize them–not that we needed it.

We’re dishing out fun facts on uforia Rockstars each week:

uforia instructor JessJess- Revolutions & GRIT Rockstar

When she’s not rocking the Rockstar bike or working up a serious sweat on a GRIT box, she brings her talents to the uforia Corporate team as Senior Program Manager making sure the classes you love continue to be the best ever. AND when she’s not defining and delivering uforia’s signature #bestsweatever, she’s a total boss crunching numbers as a Venture Capital Controller. Jess, how do you do it all?!




Steve-GRIT & Revolutions Rockstar steve-uforia-instructor

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen Steve delivering seriously sweaty workouts in GRIT & Revolutions but did you know he was part of the ORIGINAL Nob Hill Concierge team?! Way back in March 2015 when we first opened the doors to uforia Nob Hill, Steve’s smile welcomed the very first SF uforians into our community! Over a year later, you can still catch Steve hanging out at the Concierge desk before GRIT or Rev and giving the occasional welcome tour!



Yue- Hip Hop Club Rockstar yue-uforia-instructor

Want a little more Yue in your life? When she’s not on the Nob Hill dance floor she’s running a production company and co-hosting a UK TV show. PLUS, her production company produces a podcast about dating in San Francisco that she co-hosts.

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