Behind the scenes with our Revolutions Team!

Our Revolutions team is insanely talented. They can ride and dance ON A BIKE! They are DJ’s, choreographers, coaches and lighting masters. But most importantly they pull together all of their mad skills to consistently provide a really great fitness experience. Read more about our team and if you’ve never tried Revolutions, we have classes everyday and take your first class for free with promo code: TRYREV.

Jing Wen, owns Thursday nights in the underground. Jing is proud to say her style is supportive and positive for clients new and experienced. Jing wants everyone to feel the beat of the music and hopefully also find new ways to challenge themselves in class. But don’t think that her style and classes are easy. Clients frequently walk out after class having been inspired and pushed to a new level of self!

If you really want to get a sense of Jing’s style and music, check out her Instagram and Spotify.

Hannah Kommer is one of our newer Rockstars and she’s just recently taken over Saturday at 10:15am. Hannah would describe her style as, 49% riding a bike and 51% dance party that distracts you from the fact that you are getting the best workout ever!

Hannah hopes that her clients have so much fun they don’t even realize they are absolutely wiped til the music stops. She also likes to remind clients that riding to the beat can also cause you to hit max heart rates and burning major calories. 

Find Hannah on Instagram.

Rachel Emodi is a badass on the bike! You can catch her in the underground every Monday at 5:30 pm and make sure to sign up so you’ll be guaranteed a bike!

Rachel designs her classes to push clients – but clients should also keep in mind that everything she says is an option. Clients are always in complete control of their workout. They can take what they need! 

This all just sounds like hard work, but walking out of Rachel’s class will also leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized

Find Rachel on Instagram & Spotify