Behind the Scenes: uforia clothing

Ever wonder where that cute, Embrace the Sweat tank came from?

Every other week, the uforia design team (Sarah and Heather A) sit down and talk clothing. Heather is a known fashionista with an awesome design sense.

The ideas for clothing primarily come from clients and teachers with a little inspiration from the uforia community. There are a couple steps to creating the clothing.

1) Order

While this may seem simple, placing the original materials isn’t always easy and figuring out the size run and multiples is more an art than a science.

2) Design

Designing the creations is a creative process handled by Heather and David (designer extravaganza). Once we decide on the concept and honed in on the design it’s off to production.

3) Produce

This is the most satisfying and fun part of the process. This is where we get to actually see the designs come to life. Roger is our screen printer and is always up for a production challenge!


Think you’d got what it takes to come up with a winning design, submit your ideas to: If we pick your idea, you and a friend will get your design on a tank of your choice!