Back to Cool: Find your Swagger

As Fall begins and we’re getting Back to Cool, we’re looking for new ways to sweat like champs! Being cool is all about feeling like your truest,  most authentic self and sometimes that means trying and exploring new sides of yourself. Nob Hill uforian Christina has blown us away with her Hip Hop Club transformation! Check out how she found her swagger and her new favorite way to #embracethesweat!

What motivated you to shake things up?

I have always loved working out, but definitely spent a lot of time being stuck in what I always did — running, lifting, walking. But after a partially torn calf muscle I was kind of forced to take a break for a while and even a year after, I’m still having a hard time running. So, the short answer is that an injury pushed me out of my comfort zone.

At uforia, it was actually the Concierge who convinced me to shake things up! I walked up to the desk to check in for Revolutions, and without missing a beat, Sabine assumed  I was there for Hip Hop Club. I don’t quite remember what I was wearing, but she said I had a total “Hip Hop swagger.”  Whatever it was, it was the little boost of confidence I needed to think I was cool enough for Hip Hop.

What’s so great about booty popping? 

It’s so much fun!! It’s hard, it’s exhausting and I always feel sore the next few days (which is definitely my favorite part of any workout). It’s the best cardio workout I’ve found in a really long time! And, if I’m being honest, I’m more than a little determined to learn how to properly booty pop.

Challenging myself and taking risks are both really important to me. It helps me grow and constantly feel like I’m learning. And if I can get in a good sweat while doing that, then great!

C blog 2What would you say to someone who’s considering upping their Cool Factor by trying something new?

Have fun! Embrace the fact that you’re probably not going to be perfect, but that’s totally okay! At some point, everyone is a beginner.

Take it from Christina and sweat outside the box! Give a new class, new Rockstar, new recipe, or a new morning routine a try this Fall!