Anne Piper

Please meet another amazing uforia member – Anne Piper. Anne has been a client since 2020 and has taken 130 classes!

Anne lives just a stone’s throw away from uforia and she found herself walking past the studio daily. Her curiosity piqued and she came in to try a GRIT class on ClassPass, before becoming a member. Anne was hooked!

Anne says her favorite classes are GRIT and Revolutions and like many members, she likes the perfect blend of strength training and cardio and every class is a challenging!

When asked what keeps Anne motivated, she said, it’s the awesome workout playlist and being drenched in sweat. Anne also had a special shoutout to Melika for sharing her playlist after every Sunday ride!

Anne’s advice for a new client or someone wanting to try a new class type, just know that the instructors are supportive and inclusive – they’ll help you set up the first few times and if you have any injuries/discomfort they’ll share how to modify the exercises. Honestly, one of my favorite things about class is it’s low pressure and we’re all just there to try our best!

We love you Anne and all our amazing members. You can get your first month of Intro membership for only $59 here!