All About U:Why I can’t get enough fever!

This week we are very lucky to hear from a fever and long time uforia, Melanie!

What do you love about fever?

I sometimes crank Kelly Clarkson or Britney Spears in my bedroom – I mean really cranked it up – and then dance around while my problems melt away!  That’s fever at uforia, but instead of your small bedroom, it’s a real fitness studio and instead of being alone, you’re being led through a bona fide cardio dance routine by a highly motivational and lovable instructor alongside other people that are there to exercise and have fun.

How is fever different from another style of class?

Fever is different than any other cardio class I’ve ever taken because anyone and everyone can participate at their own level.  It’s the only place I’ve found where it’s socially acceptable to flail my arms around as if independent from the rest of my body – all in the spirit of a fitness routine.  If you’re unsure of whether or not to try Fever, my advice to you is AT LEAST try it.  Worst case, you’ll laugh and have fun while everyone stumbles around in the attempt to follow the instructor, Matt Adam’s dance routine. (No one ever gets it right completely, and that’s part of the fun!)  Best case, you love Fever and keep coming back until Matt knows your name and says hi to you personally before class, and you learn to love exercising daily, becoming completely addicted to the best possible thing for your mind, body and soul.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

How has fever affected your life?

In general, any class at uforia offers the space to relieve stress, stay active and meet new friends – forgetting sometimes that you’re also getting in seriously good shape.  uforia operates under the idea that exercise should be fun and something to look forward to, and they have completely lived up to my expectations and that underlying mission.  I admit, I’ve become addicted to the fitness classes uforia offers.  I look forward to them all day at work, and when I have to miss a class because I’m working late, I am seriously bummed.

How have you noticed changes to your body/mind since taking classes?

uforia has helped me appreciate all the things my body can do as I build strength and fitness through cardio, weight training and endurance work.  I have also changed my perspective on food as an important fuel for my mind and body, thinking about the important nutrients I need to be eating and drinking to sustain my energy and strength.  I’ve learned to enjoy eating vegetables, drink more water and focus on nutritional choices as they directly impact the way I function both in and out of exercising.  I also make a concerted effort to smile and laugh as often as possible and try not to sit for too long (more than an hour) at work.  It helps that I drink so much water now, that I’m constantly going to the restroom – talk about two birds, one stone..  It’s the little things we do that keep us healthier every day, and every person needs something different.  Regardless of what that might be for you, I am 100% confident you will find it at uforia.
All my love and adoration to my fellow uforians! – Melanie