All About Us: What you didn’t know about Alissia…

This week, Olivia caught up with the high energy Alissia. You’ll be surprised about what you didn’t know about her.

How did you begin teaching at uforia and what do you think makes this studio special?

For the past fifteen years, I’ve been teaching, coaching and motivating people. I’ve worked in a variety of places– from New York to London to LA– and when I arrived at uforia, I finally found the studio I had always been searching for. It felt like home when I came here because uforia combines my favorite things: community, fun, and good exercise.

What do you love about Revolutions?

I love Revolutions! I love that everyone in the class is in it together; we’re all athletes having fun and sweating together. And we can get into the music and the movements. From my perspective, where I sit at the front of the class, watching everyone on the beat at the same time, swaying to the music, it feels like harmony to me.


As an instructor, what do you do to set the tone for your classes? What do you want people to gain from your classes?

A lot of what I do comes from my gut. I look around the room, look at everyone’s faces, and try to figure out what each person is coming for. The classes are kept small so that I’m able to check out exactly who is in the class and try to answer to each person, to connect with everyone in the room. From my class, I would love people to gain a broader understanding of the possibilities we have as individuals. We each walk in with our own issues, our own mindset, and I would love if people leave my class knowing that life is bigger than what we each walked in with. My intention is to have people’s hearts and minds open up, through the exercise, the sweat, and the movement.

Music is an important part of Revolutions. How do you go about choosing music that will contribute to the workout experience?

Music is such an important component of Revolutions and I spend hours on it! I use Spotify (check out a playlist on the new website) and go through the playlists of people I admire searching for new songs, I discuss with other teachers, and I listen to the radio in my car. I look for both beats that move me and words that move me. I’m not solely focused on either the beat or the words; the words and music must work together because from that we feel something that inspires the sweat and the workout.

Any advice for people working to improve their health and wellness?

First, you have to really believe in yourself and believe that you can; know that each step towards your goals is a victory. Work on those small victories because they matter. It has been proven that you won’t continue to workout if you’re just doing so to “look hot” or lose weight; focus on how the workout makes you feel both physically and mentally. Focus on that joy that comes from exercise, from letting your cells breathe, your mind open up. And find someone who you really respect and who motivates you, someone you can consult with. I know that I or any of the other instructors here are more than happy to talk to anyone. I still text people from New York and London. Oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water— hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!