All About Us – Raquel’s Favorites

If you haven’t had the chance to tap it back in Raquel’s Revolutions class yet, you’re missing out! This Kindergarten teacher brings sunshine wherever she goes and spins high-energy, uplifting tunes – a perfect combination to wake you up in our Morning Warrior classes or for a 10:15am pre-brunch sweat on Sundays. Check out some of the things that are making her smile these days, then come embrace the sweat with her!

Favorite Way to Embrace The Sweat (other than Revolutions, of course!):

Hot Yoga – Because there is something so daring and delicious about going upside down in a steamy room. My mat and the bike are my safe places to start taking risks and pushing my limits. I aim to bring a little bit of my yoga-self to the Underground by helping riders connect the emotion and energy from their ride to other aspects of their lives.

Favorite Outfit:

This has to be a tie between my unitard and the neon gear I rock for the neon Thursday morning warrior class. It’s 6:15am and still dark outside, so we wake up Palo Alto wearing our brightest colors and getting rowdy for a pre-workday pump-up session! As far as the unitard goes…you’ll have to come visit me on a Sunday to see what I mean if you haven’t already. Where else am I going to wear one?!

Favorite Post-Class Drink:

Clearly Kombucha! So many yummy flavors and local, organic, healthy, blah, blah, blah…mostly, it tastes really refreshing and the flavors rock- strawberry hibiscus, asian pear, and raspberry ginger are my favorites.  Bonus: I can grab it right after class at uforia!

Favorite Quote:

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” from Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In. It reminds me to think big, try new things, and be bold.

Favorite Song:

How could I possibly choose just one, given the zillions I select to build my playlists?? Lately I can’t get enough of “Drop It Low” by Kat Deluna. Thanks to Alisha for showing us how to do that for real in Hip Hop! Check out this playlist for a sampling of the other tunes you’ll hear in my classes, then come wake up with me at 6:15 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 10:15am on Sundays!