all about Us – New Teachers!

You may have noticed a few new faces practicing on the bikes before class or staying late in the main studio.

It’s training season at uforia! These new faces will be your new teachers as we move into the fall with many more classes.

We’ve had clients ask, ‘what makes a uforia teacher and how can I be one?’ We’re going to attempt to answer your questions.

Who is a uforia teacher?

Someone who is fun-loving, talented and musically-inclined. The ideal teacher is comfortable speaking and performing in front of small and large audiences, they love to dance and/or sing, have good rhythm and musicality and possess a willingness to learn and grow – and a sense of humor is a plus!

What we really look for is someone who can motivate and inspire a room full of clients. They have to be able to make the experience first and foremost about having fun and losing oneself in the music and the class.

How are uforia teachers recruited?

This is probably the hardest part of the training process, finding the right potential teachers with enough spunk and personality, but who can also perform and inspire.

We’ve recruited teachers from bars and restaurants, dance classes and coffee shops, seriously.

What experience would I need?

It would depend on the specific class, there are some certifications that are required, but we’d work with you to get them. We also provide all the training, mentoring and support you’d need!

What is the best part of being a uforia teacher?

Jackie, Revolutions – I love how obviously fun [Revolutions] is while not sacrificing an intense cardio workout. I love how clients look as if they are enjoying themselves, with big smiles, shouts and sing-along, and yet leave drenched in sweat and rosy cheeks – it’s the ultimate cycle dance party.

Angie, fever – I love being able to challenge a new client to attempt something they didn’t think they could do. fever is such a fun class, the energy is constant without breaks once we start the party. I love seeing clients return and rock the routines while smiling the entire time!

Are you up for the challenge?           

If you think you have what it takes to be a uforia teacher, let us know. We love seeing new teachers on a bike or on the main stage. So if you like to sing in the shower and bust a move on the dance floor, maybe teaching is for you.