All About Us: Michelle, COO

What was once an unused old church-turned fitness studio with founder Sarah Lux manning the desk is now a bustling two-studio fitness community that serves up sweaty workouts to over 300 uforians each day with our 75+ uforia Crew members making the magic happen behind the scenes. What are we up to? We’re creating the #bestsweatofyourlife and building the workout community of your dreams. Who are we? A lot of us began just like you- uforians who couldn’t get enough!

We’d like for you to get to know us a little better.
Meet Michelle, Chief Operating Offer:

COO? Sounds fancy. What does a COO at uforia studios do?

Being the COO at uforia means working hard on complex problems, but always knowing that we are creating a place that brings joy, fitness and fun to our community.  Even on our toughest days, we leave with that feeling of accomplishment.  I have the best job in the whole world!  Being COO also means being in charge of team hydration and chocolate consumption (usually in need of more and more).

What were you doing before you came to uforia?

Senior Manager Strategy & Business Development at Banana Republic

Tell us, what drew you to the fitness industry?

img_1590-2I was always active as a teenager, but a torn ACL and a typical college lifestyle led me to gain weight as an undergrad at Stanford. It was there I fell in love with running and group fitness, and lost 50 pounds over the course of a few years. Ever since then, I have been passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. I became an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in February, and am so excited to now begin my first “real” job in the fitness industry at uforia.

What I love most about uforia is the people. I have never been more welcomed, both as a client and an employee. There is nothing better than having that place you can go outside your home and work that is a place to release the stress of life. That place is uforia for me.

Favorite project you’ve worked on so far?

Probably putting together our Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign as I love a good deal 🙂

We can only assume you’re as obsessed with music as we are. What are some of your current favorite jams?

I LOVE music, and make playlists for specific types of working out. Cardio = EDM, always. Lifting = rap, specifically 90s/2000s West Coast Yoga = Country Working = house, with a little pop (specifically the Biebs)

And of course, we have to ask: how do you find your uforia?

I love to travel and be outdoors, so any chance I can combine those two with fitness I am very happy! My favorite travel destination is Hawaii since I love to be active, but equally love drinking a margarita on the beach. If I’m not on the road, then fitness activities with friends are my favorite way to find my uforia (even better if they are followed by food and/or wine). All of my friends know me as “that person” who will drag you to a spin class at 8 am on a Saturday 😀