All About Us – Hattie

hattie headshotWe’re thrilled to welcome Hattie as one of our new Defy Yoga Rockstars! Hattie shares her uforia through the post-yoga glow. Her classes are inspiring, energizing, and fun, featuring heat-building, flowing sequences and a blissful relaxation. You are sure to leave class glowing with both sweat and optimism. Hattie fell head-over-heels (and heels-over-head) in love with yoga during college. Inspired to share this joy with others, she completed her yoga teaching certification under the mentorship of Kelly McGonigal. Hattie received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard and is currently training to become a physical therapist. Read more about her below, then join her on a mat Saturdays at 11:20am!


Favorite Post-Workout Snack:

PB&J. Sometimes I get extra adventurous and go for almond butter, honey, and bananas. But mostly my food preferences haven’t changed since age 10.


Favorite Yoga Pose:

Savasana! At the end of yoga class (after all the moving, flowing, hard work and sweating) relaxing into stillness is just deliciously sweet. Runners-up: Handstand and Pigeon.

hattie 1


Favorite Weather:

I moved here from Boston 5 years ago, and I love the East Coast summertime lightning & thunder storms with pouring rain.


Favorite animal:

Elephants! They’re vegetarian and matriarchal. Strong and playful. What’s not to love? There’s not really an elephant pose in yoga, so I made one up. Check out my class to see what it is 😉


hattie 2.jpgFavorite part about teaching yoga:

I love the before/after transformation. Students can come to class feeling stressed or tired but they leave looking so refreshed, empowered, and happy. You can see it on their faces. It’s like a yoga brightening facial treatment or something. If I could bottle that, I think I would get very rich.


Favorite phrase:

“If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” I would add, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” I love how Uforia brings this out in all of us!

Favorite way to sweat (other than yoga):

Dancing! Both dance and yoga classes feel to me like celebrations of being alive—so much joy and so much fun. I was a pretty hardcore athlete growing up, so discovering zumba and hip hop after college was like discovering this whole new world of exercise. I love the group atmosphere and everyone’s willingness be a bit theatrical and goofy.