All About Us: Fay

Revolutions Rockstar Fay gives us the inside scoop on her favorite avocado toast combos, why music makes her happy, and her Nob Hill neighborhood top picks.

Faye 2 HeadhsotMeet Fay

As an extremely energetic child, my mom sent me to dance classes at age 4 in hopes that the constant jumping, running, tapping, and turning would tire me out. From the very first time I laced up my little ballet shoes, I knew I had found something that I truly loved. After 20 years of classical training and stopping, I graduated college with a dance-shaped hole in my life that needed to be filled immediately! Dancing on the bike in Revolutions fills that hole perfectly.

Favorite Nob Hill Hot Spots?

I love karaoke, dive bars with dance floors, burrito shops, and also fancy dinner places. Some of my favorites include: YamaSho, Hi-Fi lounge, La Taqueria, and House of Prime Rib. Finding uforia in one of my favorite neighborhoods has been amazing!

What do you do in your spare time? 

When I’m not on the Rockstar bike, I like to keep busy! There is so much fun stuff going on in the city. I organize #babesbookclubsf so I’m likely reading, streaming a favorite show with friends, or adventuring in the parks and beaches with my puppy, Ruxin Marcellus. Making my Revolutions playlists for the week never gets old. What could be better than finding cool ways to share all your favorite music with new friends.

Where do you find your uforia?

Listening to music brings me to my happy place. Dancing around my apartment without a care in the world or zoning out to a good song in Revolutions always re-centers me and puts me in the best mood.  Most of what I love is driven by my connection to music.

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

I usually eat avocado toast with tomato and egg before morning classes and finish up a class with a whey protein smoothie. If it’s an evening class, a glass of rose after a sweat sesh hits the spot as well.

Favorite Songs At The Moment?

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m pretty music obsessed. The new Glass Animals album is DOPE. It’s got this super infectious beat – you can’t help but move! I LOVE discovering new songs and artists so if you have any recommendations make sure to find me after class!

Anything else you want to share with our uforians?

I can’t wait to see you on the bike and sweat with you!