All About Us: Chandler

We’re so excited to introduce new Hip Hop Club Rockstar Chandler. Chandler’s been dancing her whole life and is pumped to be shaking it with us on the Nob Hill dance floor! As another uforian-turned-Rockstar, Chandler knows how amazing the uforia Community is and can’t wait to #WERK it with you from up front.

Favorite Nob Hill Hot Spots?

Nob Hill is one of my favorite neighborhoods! It feel so classically San Francisco and I love how you can see a different view of the city or bay from each hill top. Grace Cathedral and park on California are so beautiful. I love heading up there on a sunny day. And Nob Hill Cafe for amazing Italian food….need I say more?

What do you do in your spare time? 

I am currently in my third year of nursing school at USF so spare time is pretty rare. Dancing is pretty much my #1. I’m also huge reader and love to cook! I find cooking and baking very therapeutic. One of my favorite things is picking up sandwiches then taking a long Vespa ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of the Fine Arts, or Fort Mason and having a picnic.

uforia instructor ChandlerWhere do you find your uforia?

I find my uforia when I take a second to breath. With my crazy schedule, it is easy to get overwhelmed. I like to take a deep breath and look around me, whether I am outside looking at the concrete jungle, dancing with you amazing uforians, or inside my apartment….it always feels good to take a step back. Doing this helps keep me motivated and thankful to be where I am.

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

Obviously a blueberry on a stick is one of my top choices! But I also love a big spoonful of almond butter, a nice kale smoothie, or roasted brussel sprouts. I am a sucker for sprouts.

Favorite Songs At The Moment?

New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. It has always been one of my favorites and always will. Sadly, we can’t quite dance to it in class. And of course, I love pretty much any and all Hip Hop music that gets my body going. 

Anything else you want to share with our uforians?

Fun fact: my first name is really K Chandler, no middle name, last name Rosemont. My mom didn’t think Chandler was original enough of a name for a girl so she threw a K in front, with every intention of calling me KC since my initials would be KCR. Long story short…I have never been called KC in my life and I didn’t know my name was K Chandler until the fourth grade. The end 🙂