all about Us: Angie

Put on your dancing shoes, because Angie’s energy and spirit will make you want to move your booty for a full hour- we promise. Who cares if we don’t look as cool as her while shimmying and shaking? We’ve been told it’s always good to have goals, and her seductive moves give us something to strive for! Whether it’s a Zumba or uDefine class, this teacher will definitely get your heart (and fists) pumping!


Name: Angie Louise Mercado

Nickname: Ang

Hometown:  South San Francisco, CA


We all know you’re a kick-ass dancer, so how did this come to be? Run us through a brief history: 

I have loved to dance since I was a kid!  I remember telling my mom I wanted to be a “Dance Choreographer” when I was 8 years old.  I watched a lot of Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Paula Abdul videos to master the moves.  I did competitive cheer leading and formed a dance team at my high school.  I got into fitness and started teaching aerobics when I was 18 years old.  It has always been in my blood.


How did you eventually find your way to Zumba? 

I discovered Zumba after I had my son about 5 years ago and have been teaching it ever since.  My former fitness coordinator insisted I take the workshop having had no exposure to it.  He said, “I think this is a class you need to teach.”  It gave me the outlet I needed to find my way back to dance!


What makes your Zumba classes different from others? 

I do a lot of my own choreography and I use some music that inspires me but isn’t necessarily “Zumba.”  I pride myself on being different and challenge myself to think outside the box.  I have a diverse background in Group Exercise, which allows me to pull from old experiences and add an athletic component.


What makes Zumba such a popular and effective workout? 

The music!! You just have to move when you hear the music.


What do you love about teaching at Uforia?

The students, the staff, Sarah, the energy, the culture, you name it!  I feel very at home here.


How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I eat relatively clean and try to get a consistent amount of sleep.  I do love sweets, coffee, and chardonnay.  I am not going to lie!  I am a driven person but I believe in balance when it comes to my family.  They keep me grounded.


We all need a little cheat-cheat from time to time, so what’s your favorite indulgence?

Cheese, wine and chocolate….yummmmmm


Three things that people may not know about you or would be surprised to learn about you?

1.  I am obsessed with cooking and salivate when I am in Williams-Sonoma.

2.  I get a stomachache before each class I teach.  I am a total perfectionist!

3.  I am crowd phobic.  I avoid most amusement parks and sporting events.


If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would be:


When you have a day off, we will most likely find you:

Hanging out with my family or shopping!

Your favorite Uforia moment?

I think that is yet to come!