All About U: Revolutions and Pregnancy

Revolutions really is a class for all levels and abilities. Many physicians recommend patients cycle during recovery after an illness or injury. But did you know that cycling while pregnant will not only make you stronger but also happier? We caught up with one of our busy soon-to-be moms to talk about how she has stayed happy and healthy throughout her pregnancy with Revolutions.

What do you like about Revolutions?

I love that Revolutions is fun but that it also gets the job done. I can get in a great, effective workout and still have a good time!

 What did you do for exercise, pre-pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy, I did a lot of what I still do (cycling, barre workouts, and long walks with my dog) but I also really loved zumba and dance cardio with Asya and Angie. Everyone’s different, but for me I felt less comfortable with high-impact workouts during my pregnancy, so I transitioned to doing more cycling and low-impact exercise. Revolutions has been perfect!

Now that you are pregnant, what is important to you in a workout?

Exercise has helped me feel great physically and emotionally during my pregnancy. I feel strong and healthy. The instructors at uforia have been so supportive and accommodating and always encourage me to take things at my own pace and to do what works for me. The warmth and positivity at uforia really sets it apart for me.

What has surprised you about your pregnancy?

I’ve been so taken with how lovely everyone is all the time! People stop at intersections, smile, and let me cross the street and others strike up conversations in the grocery checkout line. It’s very nice.

What would you suggest other pregnant ladies do for exercise?

I think it’s so individual and that people should do what ever works best for them. Frankly, I think all of the attention and pressure on women about their bodies–especially during and after pregnancy–is really unfortunate. What’s worked the best for me is listening to my body (and my doctor) and doing my best to take it all in stride, or revolution.

 What do you wish you had in your gym bag?

I’d like to request that Lululemon start making maternity pants 🙂