All About U: My Love of Zumba!

This week we sat down with a client who has fallen so in love with Zumba that she even became certified to teach!  Silvia is originally from Slovakia and recently spent 15 years in the UK before landing is beautiful Menlo Park. We’re glad she did. Read about how much fun Zumba is and how Silvia was inspired to take her Zumba experience to the next level.

How long have you been a friend of uforia?

Since I moved to California so 9 months and I am hooked!

What keeps you coming to Zumba?

I love the fun and the energy that the teachers bring to their classes.

What specifically do you love about Zumba at uforia?

I love the fact that Zumba to me does not feel like a chore. It is not something that I have to drag myself to and then look at my watch every five minutes hoping the class will end. Rather it is an opportunity to get together with likeminded people who love latin rhythms and like to shake their booties like nobody is watching. I am always surprised how quickly the hour passes.

Why do like coming to uforia over other gyms or studios?

I choose uforia for its professionalism combined with friendliness. The classes are fantastic and always evolving, the teachers are very talented and most of all I get treated like a person not a number.

How do you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I try to be sensible. I do not really believe in dieting and I have never been able to stick to a special diet – I love my chocolate too much. Instead my motto is: “everything in moderation”. The two things that I have cut down on significantly is salt and sugar. I do try to work out at least 4 times a week. I have recently lost my baby weight and I achieved that only through more exercise and smaller portions.

How have you taken your love for Zumba to the next level?

I’ve recently become Zumba certified! I’m working on perfecting all the dances and then watch out world, here I come!

What’s your favorite uforia moment?

It has to be when Asya at the end of her class gets us to twirl and give ourselves a big applause. No matter how sweaty or tired we are, for that little moment it feels like you are on top of the world and have just achieved something great.