All About U: My love for GRIT!

This week we connected with the very busy mother of a toddler about her love of GRIT. As a competitive athlete, Rita, is in killer shape and loves GRIT classes because she likes the special attention she gets in class, the music and the workout!

What do you like about GRIT?

I have been taking the GRIT classes (previously known as udefine) since uforia opened.  I just love it.  The GRIT classes are personal training classes with twelve of your closest friends. The classes only last one hour but during that hour, I am working all of my muscles and getting in some exceptional cardio.  I have been accused of being the “form police” when exercising and I also strongly encourage people to go at their own pace so that they can not get hurt or discouraged- GRIT classes take care of that for everyone.  During the GRIT classes, the instructors really watch and help each person with their exercise form, make modification suggestions depending on the persons fitness level or health issues and I’ve even heard them make clothing suggestions so that the person could be more comfortable.

How is is different from other strength/conditioning classes you’ve taken?

The music and pace of the workout keeps the workouts fun and helps the time fly by. Great to have fit positive role models teach the class, people like CJ really inspire you to try your best and smile the whole time you are doing it.

How do you feel after a class?

When I leave the GRIT class, I really feel that I maximized my opportunity for an overall fitness workout with personal training level service  all for a great price. I love the challenge and versatility of the GRIT classes – it is really a class for all fitness levels.

How has taking classes at uforia helped you?

As a competitive athlete and mother, I do not get much time to practice my sport but thanks to the classes available at uforia, I have been able to rebuild and maintain my core strength.