all about U: Lauren

We love that Revolutions has become such a great social place for working professionals, moms and everyone in between. We all need time in our day to connect with friends new and old and really sweat-it-out. Meet Lauren (at left), a very devoted Revolution’er. She discovered uforia through our running group and after trying Revolutions hasn’t looked back! Read more about her below; and perhaps find some inspiration and motivation from this busy mom!




Beaumont, Texas & Talladega, Alabama

How long have you been a friend of uforia:

2 years?

What’s your go-to class or teacher:


What do you love about the class?

Jordana’s, Jackie’s and Alissia’s playlist make me feel 20 years younger. Their energy is incredible…and painful!  I love that they’re not afraid to turn it up and shake the AT&T guys next door!

Why do you choose uforia over other gyms or studios?

Going to uforia does not feel like a chore. It’s not exhausting the way it was every time I’ve been a member of other gyms.  Here, I get so excited to see my teachers and classmates. I feel really lucky to have found this perfect little studio.  And I find myself talking about it at cocktail parties!  I love that it’s in an old church.  It’s quirky and Palo Alto needs more of it’s style.

How do you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Besides taking a uforia spin class 4-6 times a week, I do hour long weights work outs 3-4 times a week. I had never done weights before March and I’m really enjoying feeling stronger!  Also, I have 2 wild little girls and an enormous Bull Mastiff that keep me running.  I eat all day long: loads of chocolate, nuts, coffee!, fresh veggie juices….wine, but don’t do many big, full meals like I grew up with in the South…unless I’m in New Orleans where I can eat with the big ol’ boys!

If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would be:


If you had to describe uforia in one word, it would be:

Lagom, a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”.

What’s your favorite uforia moment?:

It’s a tie between the time when the studio fans get switched on during class and when Sarah brings the cold, wet towels down and passes out those sweet blueberries.  Both are moments of sheer happiness.

Where is your favorite place to go to treat yourself in the Palo Alto area:

I love reserving a spot at the table at any local Outstanding in the Field event. It is a magical experience and if you need to celebrate a special occasion, I can’t think of anything that tops it.