All About U – How uforia Helped Jenn Get Ready For Her Wedding!

Jenn LynchThis weekend, our very own Jenn is getting married! We’re so happy for her and wish her and her soon-to-be husband Aaron all the best. Ever since Jenn first walked through uforia’s doors at the beginning of this year, she has been a force to be reckoned with in our evening GRIT and Revolutions classes. Despite being a busy bride-to-be, she took the time to chat with us about her love of uforia, finding balance in her life, and how she has sculpted the fabulous arms that she’ll be rocking in her gown this weekend!


We’ve been lucky enough to have you in the uforia family for the past 6 months. What brought you here?

I was a swimmer growing up and dabbled in various other sports, so staying active has always been important to me. I’ve tried a variety of fitness routines, including spinning and barre, but I get bored pretty easily so I’m always looking for ways to mix things up and stay motivated as I prepared for my wedding. I know Corey and Jess through work and first came to uforia for a private Revolutions class through my company, Palantir. I was hooked!

What do you love about uforia?

The workouts are awesome, the location is so convenient, and I just love the community! I also really enjoy the themed classes and competitions. The Rockstars are always mixing up their playlists and changing their routines, which keeps you guessing. I never have a chance to get bored with the routine.

You look amazing! How have Revolutions and GRIT fit into your pre-wedding fitness routine?

I try to do Rev and/or GRIT 4 or 5 days a week, depending on my schedule. I usually end up doing the back-to-back GRIT and Revolutions combo once or twice a week. Not only are the workouts killer, but as an added bonus, my time at uforia helps me avoid the rush hour traffic on the way home to Campbell. My fiancé and I also work out together with a personal trainer twice a week. We’re both pretty active, but getting into “wedding” shape has really motivated us again – it’s been fun to tackle it together!

How do you fuel up for your busy life and tough workouts?

Lately, one of my favorite meals is a salad with spinach, strawberries, blueberries, avocado, goat cheese, and a lean protein. Basically, whatever I can get my hands on that’s healthy but also quick to prepare – wedding planning is no joke, so life is pretty crazy these days! We’ve been trying to stick to lower carbs, high protein, and lots of fruits and veggies during the week. We then let ourselves “cheat” on the weekends so we don’t go too crazy.

Where do you find your uforia?

Spending time with family and friends brings me so much joy. Life is crazy busy with work and wedding planning, so I try to enjoy every minute I can with Aaron, his daughter, his family, and our friends.
And, of course, working out and staying healthy is super important to us, so I’d also say that’s our uforia. I’m so much happier when I work out, and if I’m happy, that makes everyone else much happier to be around me 🙂

Thanks so much Jenn! Have the best time this weekend. We know you’ll be a stunning bride and can’t wait to hear all about the big day!