All About U: How uforia helped Naddia get through her divorce and lose 17 lbs!

We were able to catch up with Naddia this week. She told us about how coming to classes at uforia has helped her over come a divorce and get in the best shape of her life! Naddia is always brings such a positive energy to the studio, we had no idea she was going through though times.

What were your activities before coming to uforia?

I moved to Northern California in January of 2006 from LA. I attended San Jose State and got my degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Most of my leisure time was spent reading books, watching movies and going out to eat. But I always wanted to do more. As a teenager, I grew up playing soccer, cheerleading, swimming and playing water polo. I came from a very active family but that changed when I got married.

How has uforia helped get you through these difficult times?

uforia became my happy place while going through my divorce and dealing with troubled times at work. It helped relieve so much of my stress. I would always look at the time to run out of the office and head to uforia. The Revolution classes helped me pedal out all my frustration and I would get lost in the music in uforia’s Zumba classes. I would also be too busy concentrating on my form in GRIT to think of anything else. My day ended with relaxation with bliss. uforia became my sanctuary and the place that helped me lose 17lbs. I looked and felt better about myself.

What is your favorite uforia class?

I don’t actually have a favorite class. I love Revolutions, Zumba, GRIT and bliss. The instructors are always very fun and friendly. Their energy and the music they play in class is just the medicine I needed to keep me going. I didn’t feel like I was working out. I was having fun!

How did you discover uforia?

I was looking for a place different than the typical Gym. I was tired of the workout machines and was looking for a place that only offered workout classes. I found a great deal for uforia on Amazon Local and that was how I discovered my happy place.

What advice do you have for someone else going through tough times?

uforia is a great place to have fun and let your worries go. I would recommend anyone going through a tough time in their life to try the classes at uforia. The little studio radiates a tremendous amount of positive energy which is what is needed when you’re going through a tough time. uforia gives me a strong feeling of happiness, confidence and well-being. I love uforia!