All About U: How GRIT Changed My Life!

This week we’re really lucky to hear from regular client, Chris. Chris has been a lifetime yogi (20+ years) but felt like she didn’t ever have the strength and endurance she wanted, until now!

What do you love about GRIT?

I didn’t ever feel like I was getting what I wanted from yoga. GRIT on the other hand is really easy to follow, all the cardio moves are simple, effective and fun!

What keeps you coming back to class?

Honestly, I used to dread exercise and now I really look forward to it and I find myself organizing my life around the class so that I can be here 3 times a week!

How has GRIT changed your life?

The combo of cardio and weights and the new GRIT box have me feeling great. I’ve lost an inch around my waist and generally just feel terrific and strong!