5 Years and Counting: Catherine!

In honor of uforia’s 5th Birthday and #Fiveuary, we’re profiling some of 82 AMAZING uforians who’ve been with us since the beginning! As part of our celebration, we’re excited to celebrate a few and hear their stories!

Meet Catherine:

My first real class was Zumba with Asya.  I had never taken Zumba before and I was hooked from Day 1!!I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve visited. The real answer is:  never enough!  I always want MORE.

GRIT girls!My favorite memory is Jazon’s Halloween Hip Hop class from 2015.  It was over-the-top fun with such creative choreography and music, costumes, and a room full of familiar sweaty uforia faces!  It’s during classes like that when I feel how strong the uforia community has grown and how much it means to me to be surrounded by people who love to workout together and support each other inside and outside of the studio.  In the past 5 years I have seen my fitness level change and improve in a similar way that uforia has evolved and grown in its schedule and the classes it offers.  My overall quality of life is so much better not only because of the fitness gains I’ve made here, but also because the classes help me to decompress and feel happy to see my uforia friends on a regular basis.   I look forward to continuing to push myself in Grit, on the dance floor, and in the Underground for years to come!  

1st class:

Hula Hooping Series!

Total Classes:


Favorite Class:

Impossible to answer! But she did just become a GRIT Rockstar!

Why She’s Awesome according to Rockstar Lissy:

FullSizeRender 2It has been so amazing seeing her transform from an uber-uforia client to now a Rockstar front and center. I like to think of her as my right hand wo-man in Grit. Catherine knows my every move almost better than I do! She is my uforia twin- literally…half the time we are color coordinated perfectly, and we have actually bought matching pairs of workout pants :p