5 Tips to Kicking off 2015 Right!

As every year ends we look back and reflect. As we look into 2015, we want to start the year right and make the most of it. Here are some quick easy tips from all of us at uforia:

  1. Be Patient:

    Changes don’t happen overnight, so be patient and celebrate your wins. Maybe those push ups are easier in GRIT or you stayed out of the saddle longer in Rev, these are all successes, so give yourself a pat on the back…now, do it!

  2. Step away from the Scale:

    A scale doesn’t tell the full story and can sometimes hamper our ability to get up and moving when we are hoping for one number and see another.

  3. Eat Healthy:

    Even though we are stepping off of the scale, eating healthy plays such a big role in helping to fuel you for your day and for the fun classes that you take at uforia.

  4. Surround yourself with great support:

    As most of you know, at uforia is built around our amazing community! Seeing smiling faces and friends helps make it easier to come to class frequently.

  5. Have Fun:

    This is what we are all about and we are all about working out but not making it feel like work. Keep this in mind and smile when you sweat!