5 Reasons We 💜 to Sweat

Because it’s January and we’re living in a NEW YEAR NEW YOU world that makes us want to amp up our fitness regime, we’re taking the time to remind ourselves that it’s not just hype–a good sweat is really good for you! In our busy, often hectic lives it can sometimes be hard to make time or justify the time for a workout. But it’s important!

So, to list just a few, here are five reasons we love to sweat:


It’s good for your Health

We’ve only got one body in this life so it’s our job to treat it like temple. Right? Exercise keeps our bones and muscles strong and our body weight in a healthy place. Not only does exercise keep our muscles feeling & looking good it helps prevent disease by keeping our hearts healthy and our cholesterol and blood pressure where they should be.

It helps you Sleep

If you’re at all like us, it can be hard to turn your brain off when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. If what feels like a mile long to-do list is keeping you up at night or making you sleep restlessly, regular physical activity can make it easier to fall asleep and hit all the REM cycles your brain needs to kick ass the next day.

It’s good for your Mood & Mental Health

Moving our bodies activates the ~feel good~ chemicals in our brain. You know that post-class feeling of uforia? It’s a real, scientific thing. Regular exercise makes feeling happy a regular thing.  It’s also a great way to reduce stress and a healthy way to blow off steam after a long day of spreadsheets and meetings.

It lets you Disconnect

Not only do you need both hands for those tricep dips but come on, your brain is too addled by the burn in your glutes to form a sentence, let alone respond to a work email or funny Instagram comment. A good workout is the perfect way to disconnect from the ever-present tech in our lives and get a chunk of time alone with our bodies and minds. Let go of your to-do list and revel in the chance to truly be in the moment.

It’s lets you feel Connected-in the right way

We don’t mean connected as in your network of 300+ Instagram followers. We mean connected to the person next to you in class or next to you on a hiking trail. Group fitness is special because it opens you up to a community of people who are probably at least a little similar to you. It’s a great way to meet new friends outside of your existing circles. So just do it: say hi to your fellow uforians!