How I beat cancer and gained my life back!

We are so grateful for our amazing clients and friends. This week, Revolutions rockstar Kana, shares her terrible cancer experience and how she gained her health and life back.


On May 3, 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 32 years old and in great health, or so I thought. I was working out 5 days a week and was busy juggling work, being a wife and a mom to our two young daughters. After what felt like a million blood tests, scans and doctor’s appointments we had a treatment plan from Stanford which included 6 months of chemotherapy, 5 weeks of radiation and a double mastectomy.

As much as I wanted to continue working out during my treatment, I didn’t. I couldn’t find the energy or strength.

I finally completed chemo on October 30th, then had my double mastectomy on December 3rd then rounded out the treatment with radiation ending on February 26th. With my treatments done and a clean bill of health in my hands I was ready to get back in shape.

I knew the journey would be long, slow and hard…sort of like growing my hair back. I researched and tried a number of gyms and one day decided to try a Revolutions class with Alissia. I loved the energy and music and mostly loved how I felt after 45 minutes of intense sweat-dripping cardio. I continued to go to classes and am now completely addicted to my daily dose of Revolutions.

Alissia makes me forget how hard I’m working and has made my journey back to feeling healthy again so much fun. Her energy in class is contagious and her love for what she does just oozes all over her entire class.

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